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Summer 2015

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The fact is, I couldn't be prouder of Times Printing. We just learned we won our first Benny, the highest honor awarded by the Printing Industries of America (PIA). Its annual Premier Print Awards recognize the highest quality printing from around the world, and the Benny statue has become a universally recognized symbol for excellence. Along with the Benny, we received an Award of Recognition and Certificate of Merit. Just weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the Great Lakes Graphics Association (GLGA) Graphics Excellence Awards ceremony, where Times Printing was called out among the best of the best 62 times. The Graphics Excellence Awards competition includes some of the best printers and graphics companies in the Midwest — 13 percent of the total print market. Among the awards we brought home were three Best of Category and four Best of Division recognitions. Our entries showcased the everyday work we do: magazines, brochures, and catalogs for clients across the country. No special made-for-contests pieces among our entries. While it always is a pleasure to receive honors from such prestigious organizations as the PIA and GLGA, what really matters most to us is the vote of confidence we receive from clients every time they choose Times Printing. We pride ourselves on producing consistent quality and stretching our capabilities to execute the most creative designs. We value the many opportunities we've had to shine while we deliver on our clients' printing needs. Day-in and day-out, we strive to make every piece we print a winner. Inside this issue of PressCheck, you'll meet one member of our winning team, Todd Schwarten Jr., senior finishing technician, who keeps our production machines in top order and assists with research and design for upcoming projects. Todd joined Times Printing two decades ago and spent several of those years working alongside his father in the Bindery. With Father's Day just behind us, you won't want to miss this story about a father of six, brother of fifteen, and a vital part of the Times Printing family. You'll also find our: • Guide to print publication; how to choose the right printer for your needs • A primer on folding and scoring best practices • Insight on the advantages of enhancing your piece with UV applications • Print: The gloriously tactile medium And, of course, watch for our GLGA/PPA awards brochure, which highlights all of our winning entries. FACTS pplying Ultraviolet Coating on on a print piece is an attractive way to add a dramatic look. Beyond its attention-grabbing benefits, the hard coating provides protection from fingerprints and smudges, increases durability and ensures long-lasting clarity of text and images. A variety of specialty coating options are available and choosing one or a combination that's right for your project is important. Depending on your product design, partial, single or numerous coatings may be applied to create the look you're after. If you're looking to start small, Spot UV Coating may be a good option for you. This technique adds dimension to a piece by applying UV Coating to only certain locations, making them pop out against, say, the softer coating on the rest of the piece. UV Gloss Strikethru is a similar application, providing high-contrast by highlighting key areas of interest. Additional "spot" glosses include Raised UV, which can bring to life water droplets or ice cubes by giving a dimensional, realistic feel and UV Orange Peel, which is a pebble coating technique that feels like the name implies. If you're seeking an overall high- shine for your entire product, Gloss UV does a great job of bringing shiny metallics as well as "wet" objects to life. If you're working on a project that needs a little more pizzazz, UV Glitter might add that special pop of sparkle and shine you're after. Looking to add a little grittiness to your piece? Course Grit Texture UV creates a sand-like affect for an intense textural feel. There are also some slightly subtler coats, such as Pearlescent UV, which imitates pearlescent paper, and Dull UV, which accentuates the subject matter's texture by offering a softer tactile feel. UV coatings are a wonderful option to consider and can enhance numerous items, from handout sheets and presentation folders to postcards and catalogs. Our Sales Representatives have seen hundreds of UV finishes, giving them the best eyes and largest knowledge base to assist with your decision making. To learn more about UV Coating for your next project, contact your Times Printing Sales Representative. OF uv COATING the ADVANTAGES

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