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Fall 2014

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A utumn is here and the leaves are changing! Although the tempera- tures are getting crisp and with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner I know we are headed into a traditional busy time of the year for us. With all the upheaval taking place within the paper industry and paper deliveries on most grades taking up to six weeks to deliver from order date, I would like to emphasize the importance of plac- ing your November, December and Janu- ary print projects with us sooner rather than later so we have your paper on hand when you need it. Our new M-3000 "Sunday" press is pro- ducing exceptionally well and with two different folders on the end of the press we can produce almost any type of con- figurations from 2-page newspaper in- serts to digest, magazine and tabloid for- mats. This press can do it all. And don't forget about our high resolution, inkjet imprinting capabilities available to our clients who require custom imprinting of your customers business name logo, store location(s), maps to their location, etc. Our K-600 Domino system elimi- nates the need for 1-color type changes having to be done on press. Your custom graphics can now be imaged right on the piece as we inkjet address. To learn more about what our M-3000 "Sunday" press and K-600 system can do for you, please contact your sales representative who is ready to dis- cuss format options which best fit your marketing needs. FACTS As you may already know, on Oct. 1, 2014 the Governors of the U.S. Postal Service have decided not to seek a price change for mail and shipping products and services in January in part because of the uncertainty regarding the exigent price increase. This means that the current pricing of postal products and services will remain in effect through the holiday season and early part of 2015. The Board will continue to evaluate pricing strategies and will communicate about any potential price change filings in early 2015. As always, the Postal Service will provide customers advance notice of any price changes." The United States Postal Service is set to resume its Network Rationalization Initiative in January 2015 after a year-long hiatus. This second phase of consolidation, which will affect up to 82 processing facilities, will begin in early January and should be completed prior to the 2015 fall mailing season. In our 2014 Winter Press Check, you may recall us sharing that the second phase of the network consolidation would be postponed until early 2014 while the USPS reconsidered its proposed changes for First-Class Mail and Periodicals. After review, the Postal Service will be eliminating the overnight standard for most First-Class Mail and changing Periodical service standards from 2 to 9 days to 3 to 9 days. The Postal Service's consolidation of 141 mail processing facilities in 2012 and '13 generated an annualized cost savings of $865 million and required no employee layoffs. USPS expects to generate an additional $750 million in annual savings with these additional consolidations and standard changes. "The uncertainty regarding legislative reform and review of postal rates in the courts continues to delay needed capital investments to acquire package sorting equipment and replace an aging mail delivery fleet," reads USPS's letter to the public released this past June. "We believe strongly that this phase of network rationalization will establish the low-cost, technology-centric delivery platform necessary to serve the mailing and shipping industry for decades to come." For more information about how upcoming postal changes may affect your business, contact Alice Manack, Director of Mail Services and Postal Affairs, at 920-994-2777 or alice.manack@timesprintingco.com.. Stay abreast on the latest USPS news and updates by visiting usps.com/ourfuturenetwork. USPS Network Co n s o l i d at i o n U p d ate USPS PRICE FREEZE

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