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Seed Savers Exchange - 2015 Catalog of Heirloom, Untreated, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO Seeds

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FREE SHIPPING | online orders only of $40 or more | •115• Follow the 40 year history of Seed Savers Exchange from the beginning when it was founded by Diane O W healy and Kent W healy in 1975. is heartwarming memoir tells the story of the creation of Seed Savers Exchange, one of the nation's most admired nonprofits in the field of genetic preservation. Wrien with heart, humor, and a quiet passion, Gathering chronicles the journey from a humble beginning as a small seed exchange among gardeners to the far-reaching organization that it is today. W hether you're a long-time seed saver or a newcomer to the movement, this personal history is bound to inspire you to start your own garden legacy. Aer reading Gathering , you will know why you feel so welcomed to be a part of this unique group of friends at the heart of Seed Savers Exchange. Illustrated with 115 color photos, drawings, and watercolors by Judith Ann Griffith and David Cavagnaro. Both have contributed extensively to SSE's publications over the years. Hardcover, 256 pages. Item# SB0002 – Regular Price $25.00 NOW $18.75 All proceeds om the sale of this book help to support the maintenance of our seed collection. Seed to Seed (Second Edition) by Suzanne Ashworth. Complete seed-saving guide that describes specific techniques for 160 vegetables, including botanical classifications, flower structure and pollination, population size, isolation distances, and techniques for caging, hand-pollination, harvesting, drying, cleaning, and storage. is updated and greatly expanded Second Edition now includes how to start each vegetable from seed, which has turned the book into a complete growing guide. Expert gardeners from seven regions of the U.S. have shared their seed-starting t e c h n i q u e s . A n i n v a l u a b l e , comprehensive reference book for maintaining heirlooms and preserving our vegetable heritage. 8 0 b l a c k a n d w h i te p h o to s . Socover, 228 pages. Item# SB0003 – $24.95 Gathering: Memoir of a Seed Saver By Diane Ott Whealy National Best Seller Fruit, Berry & Nut Inventory (Fourth Edition) is is the only book of its kind, a reference guide to the fruit, berries, and nuts available to growers through mail order catalogs and websites in the United States. This fourth edition provides access to 275 mail order nurseries with 8,750 varietal descriptions, including 3,076 apples, 523 peaches, 327 plums, 757 grapes, 97 raspberries, 137 strawberries, 97 pecans, and 105 bananas. At the end of each description is a coded source list. This book is of practical use to both hobbyists and agricultural professionals alike, as it builds on the heritage of plant breeding and seed preservation in the United States. Growers and breeders have developed regionally adapted varieties with superior flavor, disease resistance, and countless other virtues. Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory is a great resource for orchardists and horticulturists. Softcover, 386 pages. Item# SB0001 – $24.00 Winner of the Bookbuilders West Award in the Special Trade categor y SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE PUBLICATIONS is special edition calendar celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Seed Savers Exchange. Each month features the best images and recipes from the past 22 calendars, plus added photos, notes and dates of historical significance over the past 40 years. The beaut y and bount y of genetic diversity is captured with photos by David Cavagnaro and Rosalind Creasy, who both currently s e r ve o n t h e Seed S a v e r s E x c h a n g e Board of Directors. T h e re a re a l s o 1 2 of the best rec ipes c o n t r i b u t e d f r o m accomplished chefs over the years. This beautiful calendar chronicles the growth of Seed Savers Exchange month by month. Large 11"x13" format. Printed in the USA. Item# PD0586 – $14.95 2015 Seed Savers Exchange Commemorative Calendar Support our efforts to save and share heirloom seeds and plants. See pages 56-57 for more information about membership benefits. Fixed Income, 1 yr. $30 Individual, 1 yr. $40 Family, 1 yr. $50 Contributor, 1 yr. $100 Lifetime $1500 Become a Member of Seed Savers Exchange 40 % off C el eb ratin g 40 Y ear s

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