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Random Lake Area Chamber of Commerce • (920) 994-9054 37 YHUKVTSHRLÄYLKLW[JVT RANDOM LAKE PICNIC RANDOM LAKE PICNIC THANKS TO THESE GRAND PRIZE SPONSORS +Y+HU>P[RV^ZRP 1:JO\0UK\Z[YPLZ 1*LKHY=HSSL`*OLLZL /H^SL`2H\MTHU2H\[aLY Attorneys 1+Y.LYY`=VNSLY1;YP7HY :WYPUN:[YLL[ XrandomlakeMPYLKLW[JVT $1,000 Cash - 7:00 p.m. sponsored by Friday – July 25 th Saturday – July 26 th Sunday – July 27 th 11:00 a.m.: -VVK*VJR[HPSZ 12:00 p.m.:7HYHKL^P[OTHU`\UP[Z 1:00 p.m.:)PUNV (Collins State Bank tent) Elvis Patsy DJ Roundy before & after the Elvis Show sponsored by Paint Unlimited & Booz 'In Rebel Grace www.rebelgrace.com sponsored by Portland Trucking Friends of RLFD and 1:00 p.m.: Garden Tractor Pull for more info 262/903-8349 ZWVUZVYLKI`)Y\NNPUR»Z9LU[HS ,PZLU[YH\[(N:LY]PJLZ.PIIZ]PSSL 0TWSLTLU[4\LSSLY:JYHWWPUN =VYWHOS-HYTZHUK +9(N:LY]PJLZ Music www.garrywesley.net 5:30 p.m. BINGO Collins State Bank tent Third Generation Family Polka Band GOODTIME DUTCHMEN Raffle Drawing 2:00 p.m.: Special Parking for Vintage Cars, Trucks & Bikes 12:00 Noon: +HY[;V\YUL` 11:00: Registration Road Trip ERIC VON SCHLEDORN ERIC VON SCHLEDORN Dr. Dan Witkowski, Dentistry /H Cocktails Food & Cocktails 6:00 p.m. BINGO Collins State Bank tent 1:00 p.m. BINGO Collins State Bank tent Las Vegas Show Impersonators try Las Vegas Show Impersonators g Elaine Wesley Garry Wesley www.roadtripband.com sponsored by Miller Lite, General Beer Northeast & Tri-Par 1:45 p.m. HY Cocktails "Jet Powered Lawn Mower" sponsored by Also Featuring: Daniel Rodriguez "the singing policeman" Memorial Tribute Daniel Rodriguez ATR Memorial - 5 pm 400+ motorcycles Hawley, Kaufman & Kautzer - Attorneys & Floyd Klug

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