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'NEW' ROD & GUN CLUB promotes CONSERVATION, SHOOTING SPORTS The Random Lake Rod & Gun Club membership continues to grow — as do its offerings of programs and activities. The first Random Lake Rod & Gun Club was organized on April 9, 1936, and 60 active members, four honorary members and seven junior members were enrolled. Dr. William M. Dettmann was the first president, while Dr. John H. Klug served as vice-president and Arthur Beger as secretary-treasurer. After a few years World War II arrived, taking many of the members away from home. By the 1950s the club had pretty much passed out of existence. The state Department of Natural Resources made several attempts to improve Random Lake's fish population during the 1950s, and the final decision was to use a chemical treatment to kill all the fish and "start over." That process caused so much disagreement that there was a move to revive the Random Lake Rod & Gun Club. On Feb. 28, 1956 the club was reorganized and within two weeks there were 40 regular members and six junior members signed up. Ken Schuette was elected president, while Wilmer Huiras served as vice-president and Merlin Berth was the secretary-treasurer. The Random Lake Times newspaper stated: "The recent uproar in regard to the poisoning of the lake could have been prevented, it is felt, if a conservation group in the area would have existed to find out and explain what was happening." On Aug. 2, 1956 the Random Lake Rod & Gun Club helped to organize a separate National Rifle Association shooting club. L.C. Oertle was the president, and other officers were Dr. John Leider as vice-president, Robert Gessner as executive officer, Elmer Bogenschutz as secretary-treasurer 50 www.randomlake.org

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