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Mesh Nyjer Feeder NEW FOR 2013 Stainless steel mesh enables birds to cling on any part of the tube to feed. Attracts siskins, redpolls, goldfinches and—if you are lucky— indigo buntings! We think this feeder is the BEST nyjer feeder. We've never seen so many goldfinches and siskins and they were so much fun to watch. SUET FEEDER Our birds love this feeder— especially the woodpeckers! These suet feeders are handmade in our Tillamook, Oregon warehouse. Made of western alder. Each log is approximately 9" high x 41⁄2 -5" diameter, but size may vary. 6 feeding holes (11⁄4" diameter) to fill with suet, with staple at top for hanging. Item #OWSF: $14.95 Two sizes to choose. Green base and top. Optional tray also available. Made in USA. NEW FOR 2013 3 ⁄4 Quart Capacity 91⁄2" high x 31⁄2" dia. 15" high inc. hanger Item #A418: $28.95 11⁄4 Quart Capacity 131⁄2" high x 31⁄2" dia. 181⁄2" high inc. hanger Item #A419: $32.95 81⁄2" dia. Seed not Catcher Tray shown (clear polycarbonate) Item #A050: $8.95 Totally Green Birdhouse Made from 100% recycled paper, laminated into a strong board. Good for Birds: 11⁄4" hole attracts wrens, tufted titmice, chickadees and nuthatches. Airy weatherproof design. After the nesting season, totally biodegradable. Paint a one-of-a-kind 100% natural cotton original! strap for hanging. Roof is 9" long x 63⁄4" across. 81⁄2" tall overall. GREAT FOR KIDS!!! ALSO SCHOOL NATURE PROJECTS Good assembly instructions included. Item #TGBH: $12.95 800-733-4146 85

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