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Spring/Summer 2013

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MASON BEE NEST KITS Attract these friendly native American bees to your garden—they'll increase your fruit harvest! Mason Bee House in June. Mud sealed tubes hold 300 plus Masons for next Spring. INSET ABOVE: A busy Mason Bee working on her nest tubes. M ason Bees get their name from working with mud to build their nests—and our special tubes are just the size they prefer. Masons are friendly, docile and fun to watch close up as they busily work, popping in and out of their tubes. They're superb pollinators in spring, working in lower temperatures than honeybees. Plus their hairy bodies carry more pollen to pollinate your blossoms. USDA research has shown each Mason can do the job of 100 honeybees. STANDARD MASON KIT 68 nest tubes, 3" diameter x 6 ⁄2" long 1 Item #BP402 $11.95 each SPECIAL PRICE! BUY 4 FOR $44.00 OR MORE @ $11.00 each JUMBO MASON KIT 118 nest tubes, 4" diameter x 61⁄2" long Item #BP401: $19.95 each Each Kinsman kit is assembled in Oregon from a sturdy eco-friendly biodegradable housing made from bamboo and rice hulls and cardboard tubes in Masons' preferred size (6" long and 5⁄16" diameter). Install kits in a sunny spot, about 6 ft. to 8 ft. high—e.g. under the eaves of a shed or garage. Avoid any direct exposure to rain. REPLACEMENT NEST TUBES Provide additional fresh nesting tubes each year, ideally replacing "used" tubes as soon as they're empty in early spring. Newly hatched females prefer to use new empty tubes—but then they'll re-use the old ones. Each tube is 6" long x 5⁄16" diameter. Bundle of 100 tubes Item #KCOBRT: $14.95 Note: Our photos show tubes that have been filled with mud by the Mason Bees. Bees are not included. CEDAR SHELTER FOR MASON BEE HOUSES We make these in Oregon to hold three Standard Kits. Easily mounted under the eaves, using pre-drilled holes. Wood screws included. 141⁄4" long x 7" tall x 71⁄2" front to back. With Bee Houses (as shown) Item #KCMSKIT: $49.95 Without Bee Houses (not shown) Item #KCMS: $17.95 84 Visit us at to watch videos of Mason Bees at work—plus lots more about the lives of these fascinating creatures.

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