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Spring/Summer 2013

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Teacup & Saucer Planters E N G L I S H T E R R A C O T TA Whimsical terracotta planter has drainage hole in the cup, but the saucer's surface is glazed. English terracotta. Giant Size (shown at left) Teacup is 31⁄2" high x 7" diameter. Saucer is 91⁄4" diameter. Item #WGTS: $29.95 Original Size (not shown) Teacup is 23⁄4" high by 43⁄4" diameter. Saucer is 7 3⁄8" diameter. Item #DTCS: $19.95 English Teapot Planters Very authentic looking teapots from the north of England. These have drainage holes (and no lids), so you can make pretty planters with violas, African violets, sedums and so on. Use them in groupings or on their own. Extra Large 103⁄4" long x 51⁄4" high (shown at right) Item #TPOTXL: $17.95 Large 9" long x 41⁄2" high Medium 6" long x 31⁄2" high Item #TPOTL: $13.50 Item #TPOTM: $9.95 PHOTO ABOVE: Hens and Chicks are perfect companions in these whimsical terracotta planters! Face Pots Deeply molded faces are portraits of the original English potters. A perfect size for herbs, pansies and succulents. English Terracotta Face Pots are 41⁄4" diameter, 31⁄2" high. Face Pots (from left to right): Cheerful, Old Man (mustache), Surprised Old Man (mustache) Surprised Item #LFAC: $5.95 68 Cheerful Item #LFAO: $5.95 Item #LFAS: $5.95 800-733-4146

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