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Propagate with Gel! Complete rooting system gets great results. This patented new Gel was developed by Sheffield University in England. It provides the right concentration of rooting hormones, suspended in a sterile gel medium that protects cuttings from pests and pathogens. Cuttings root speedily without damping off or needing water and you can watch progress every day. This new system has received rave reviews from the Royal Horticultural Society and English Garden magazines, for ease of use and reliability. Specially formulated for easy rooting of softwood cuttings and houseplants. Good subjects include: fuchsia, geranium, abutilon, begonia, clematis, ficus, hoya, kalenchoe, penstemon, dieffenbachia, schlefflera and vibernum. Easy to use: Just poke a hole through the foil seal and insert your cutting. You can start more than one cutting in each compartment, if you wish. Enclose in the propagator and place in a bright spot away from direct sunlight. Then watch the roots sprout! A. Basic System B. Gel Dispenser Kit includes a 6-pack of gel and mini-propagator with clear cover to provide humidity. Item #GRP01: $17.95 1 liter squeeze bottle of gel for use in your own containers and for topping up as the growing cuttings absorb gel. You can even grow indoor foliage plants in vases with the gel, without needing to water for weeks at a time. Item #GRD15: $13.95 B A HOW TO REACH US ORDER ON-LINE: Visit our website and browse. O R D E R BY P H O N E : 56 O R D E R BY FA X: 1-800-733-4146 215-766-5624

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