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70 G a t e s Gates Walpole gates have half-lapped, cross-braced construction ensuring that they'll be trouble-free year after year. Offered in prefinished White Cedar or AZEK. Supplied in kit form (partially assembled). Motor freight. Local installation is available. V A. Chelsea Picket Gate v The delicately curved brace and Sphere Post Caps give this 3'H, 3'W Chelsea picket gate with concave scallop top a sophisticated look. Gate includes 5½" square posts, a pair of black Heavy Reversible hinge straps and a black Thumb latch. Crafted in AZEK. Prefinished white. 3'H, 3'W, #795691 $1,265 3'H, 3½'W, #795692 $1,275 3½'H, 3'W, #795693 $1,295 3½'H, 3½"W, #795694 $1,315 B. Westerly Walk Gate u v Perfect when placed between a stone wall, a hedge or wherever you feel a stylish gate will enhance your outdoor area. Sturdy and secure wood joinery construction featuring 4½" sq. posts, our vinyl gates have 4" posts with half-round tops. Walpole Chestnut Hill pickets are secured with an ogee curved top rail. Prefinished white. Black ring latch and strap hinges included. 3½'H, 3½'W, White Cedar #294450 $1,049 AZEK #795680 $1,089 3½'H, 4'W, White Cedar #294451 $1,069 AZEK #795681 $1,129 4'H, 3½'W, White Cedar #294452 $1,069 AZEK #795682 $1,129 4'H, 4'W, White Cedar #294453 $1,098 AZEK #795683 $1,159 C. Williamsburg® Nelson Galt Gate u Walpole is the only fence company licensed to manufacture and accurately replicate Williamsburg style fences and gates. We use traditional designs and craftsmanship. This 3½' H gate boasts historical significance. Has rough sawn texture and is cross braced for trouble free operation. All cedar. Stained white. Posts (2) 5" square with Colonial Post Caps. Comes with Williamsburg hardware including 24" wrought iron straps, and Rat Tail Latch. 3½'H, 3'W, #294310 $769 3½'H, 3½'W, #294311 $789 3½'H, 4'W, #294312 $798 D. Cannon Ball Closure Chain and ball, black powder coated. #294330 $59 White 4½" sq. post, 48"L. #294331 $38 E. Single Arch with Double Gate u v Shown, 4½" sq. posts, 4" in vinyl and 3½" single arch. Arch or arch with gate may be purchased separately. Double Nantucket picket gate built to fit width of arch is 3½'H with 6" scallop. Comes with Devonshire black ring latch and Walden galvanized strap hinges. Prefinished white. Stand Alone Single Arch 3½'W, White Cedar #294210 $549 AZEK #795685 $629 4½'W, White Cedar #294220 $589 AZEK #795686 $679 6'W, White Cedar #294230 $729 AZEK #795687 $829 Single Arch with Gate 3½'W single gate, White Cedar #294211 $1,189 AZEK #795688 $1,389 4½'W double gate, White Cedar #294221 $1,349 AZEK #795689 $1,549 6'W double gate, White Cedar #294231 $1,469 AZEK #795690 $1,669 A C B

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